Passion For Purity

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Everything we do at Passion for Purity is designed to connect our children to the applied Word of God. We want our children to know God in such a powerful way that it changes how they live their lives. Our children learn that what they know about God should cause them to impact their families and their communities for the cause of Christ.

We are ministering with the students from the Followers of Christ Bible College. We have been partnering with Gold Tree, the large public school behind the Mission House in Los Planes de Renderos. This school has about 2000 students.

We also delivered a few water systems there on our last visit. In July we were able to put the rest of the water systems in classrooms providing clean water during their school day. Water systems were also provided to smaller schools in the area and to some of the families in the community. As a result of the generous gift given by the Awana children we were able to supply food to many families in the school community.

We continue to focus on discipleship in El Salvador through the Bible college.

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