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Sunday Bible Study

  June 4 9:00 am – 10:00 am

We believe one of the great blessings of life is God's Word. We offer classes for every age and stage of life. Faith comes through hearing God's Word.

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The ministry of First Baptist Boynton flows from the vision of God's glory revealed in Jesus Christ. Therefore, we exist to savor this vision in worship, strengthen the vision in discipleship, and spread the vision through evangelism.

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Three Sabbatical Reflections

Dear Church Family, Thank you so much for allowing my family an extended time away during the month of June. As I wrote to you before we left, this has been in many ways, a very difficult year for my family. Nothing sudden, or tragic- just exhausted from the pace of life, work, ministry, school, […]

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Definition: Sin is any failure (attitude or action) to conform to the will of God. Biblical Words Hebrew hata = to miss (a mark); to wrong, offend, sin pasha = to break with, away, from, or “crossed the line” to transgress Greek hamartia = sin, miss the mark paraptoma or parabasis = sin, transgress paranomia […]

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Chapter 21:The Creation of Man

    Chapter 21: The Creation of Man: Why Did God create us? How did God make us like himself? How can we please him in everyday living?   The pinnacle of God’s creative activity is the creation of human beings, both male and female, to be more like him than anything else he has […]

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