Be The One

Be The One Relationship Education Institute, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving Palm Beach County. We have been saving and changing young lives since 1992. Our aim is to educate and empower youth and their families through the message of abstinence-until-marriage and the promotion of healthy relationships.2008-11-18 BTO 3D logo (png)

Be the One encourages youth to say “yes” to healthy relationships and to say “no” to high-risk behaviors such as alcohol and drug use, sexual activity, and violence. As a prevention program, it is our aim to reduce teen pregnancy, reduce the proportion of teen’s engaging in sexual intercourse and other high-risk behaviors, and to reduce the number of youth contracting sexually transmitted infections in Palm Beach County.

Be the One helps youth to develop connectedness with their families, schools, peers and communities so that they can make wise choices and avoid unhealthy lifestyles. We are committed to positively supporting and valuing young people as strong contributors to society.

Be the One
firmly believes that parents and guardians are the primary educators and influencers of their children. We encourage parents, as well as community leaders, to be positive role models for youth. Through interactive workshops, we provide parents with effective ways of discussing sexual issues with their children and teens. In addition, we educate healthcare professionals, the business community, and other community groups.

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