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Below is a list of our upcoming Sermons.  We hope this information will be helpful to you, as you read the passage for each upcoming Sunday gathering. If you are looking for past sermons, click here.

Salvation Arrived
Sermons from Luke's Gospel
Series Preacher: Pastor Jeff Kelly

4/28 Luke 18:31-43 An Ability to See
5/12 Luke 19:1-10 A True Conversion
5/19 Luke 19:11-27 A Kingdom Stewardship
5/26 Luke 19:28-48 A Controversial Approach

Wisdom for Pilgrims

Sermons from James
Series Preacher: Various

2/11 James 4:1-10 Guidance for the Greedy Pilgrim
3/24 James 4:11-12 Guidance for the Judgmental Pilgrim
5/5 James 4:13-5:6 Guidance for the Cocky Pilgrim


Sermons from Colossians

Series Preacher: Jeff Kelly

3/29 Colossians 3:3 United in Death
3/31 Colossians 2:12 United in Resurrection